Lotus Intercourse Position: Guide. All you have to understand pt.3

Listed here are THREE SIMPLE methods to switch the Lotus up and stone on!

  1. Perform some Lotus on a seat
  2. Decide to try anal play
  3. Test out bondage

1. Perform some Lotus for a seat

‘Lotusing’ on the ground or sleep is actually for traditionalists – go ahead and break the mold and do so in a seat! Often, change of scene could be everything you need to turn the move from ordinary to orgasmic!

The Lotus place seems AMAZING on a recliner or settee you get a good rhythm and better range of motion as you get the soft bounce and the stability of the chair’s arms and back, helping! There’s also the KINK-FACTOR of experiencing intercourse in a unusual destination like your family room or office at home (or your ACTUAL office!).

2. Decide to try anal play

Yeah, we know we stated that the Lotus is fantastic for clitoral stimulation and sexual climaxes, but statistically, just around 25 percent regularly having an orgasm during genital intercourse!

Need to know just what works? Butt play! This study posted within the Journal of Sexual Medicine unearthed that very nearly 95 % of feminine participants accomplished orgasm once they had RECTAL INTERCOURSE!