As currently recommended, great britain is preoccupied with trafficking and the sex markets to its association.

Research design and information analysis

The investigation were held between November 2010 and February 2011. The general design for the research ended up being centered on a blended methodological framework integrating quantitative and qualitative research techniques. The semi structured questionnaire ended up being built to be administered one on one or higher the phone. Questions had been developed to generate information access that is regarding intimate solutions and intercourse worker experiences. The info ended up being analysed using a quantitative computer software computer package to make descriptive statistics and frequencies. Qualitative responses were analysed individually, making use of a coding framework. This informative article particularly is targeted on our findings that challenge the notion of ‘victim’: demographic data; skills and work that is previous in addition to intercourse work; experiences of intercourse work including channels into intercourse work and motivations; and good and negatives experiences of intercourse work.

Target population and sampling

Our sampling framework found in this research had been a hybrid of self finding and targeted sampling (Shaver, 2005).