Pentacles as emotions in relationship and love spreads

I realize the Pentacles generally speaking and questions that are financial I have extremely confused if they generate in relationship/love spreads. Not long ago I had the 3 of Pentacles as exactly how somebody feels about me personally along with other Pentacle cards as emotions etc.

Does anybody have suggestions about Pentacles as emotions?

Love and Pentacles:

Ace Pents – the materials facets of loving somebody is included; possibly a ring is paid for. 2 pents – Conflicting views over cash and cash issues needs to be resolved. 3 Pents – Usually states ‘three is an audience’ but that doesn’t need certainly to suggest any such thing intimate. 4 Pents – some body is being or jealous possessive. 5 Pents – If you notice this card as a few then it it let you know that the both of you will need to ‘tough it out’-together.