More and more young couples are experimenting with the place and time to have sex. Such a familiar bedroom is already quite tired, and people are looking for new experiences from new places for intimate games. Most authors of sexology manuals claim that long foreplay is an integral part of achieving pleasure. But recent surveys have shown that the most vivid and memorable impressions of sex women received from spontaneous and to some extent risky coitus with a man.

Imagine that you and your loved one are, for example, at a party, in a movie, in a club, in a restaurant. And you both wanted to indulge in love pleasures. Most couples will naturally calm each other down and wait until they get home. But if you are one of those who will not deny themselves the pleasure, you will only get the approval of sexologists. After all , quick sex is a great opportunity to refresh relationships, get rid of stress and shake up feelings.

The main thing, with the remnants of common sense, is to take care of the place, and make sure that no one notices you. If you and your partner have been living for a very long time, and you know everything about each other to the smallest detail, then there is a danger that you can get bored with each other. Therefore, in order not to go to extremes, and not to look for entertainment on the side, try to refresh your fading feelings with the help of quick sex. And this does not mean that it is necessary to demand sex from him somewhere on a walk in a city park. For example, in the evening in the kitchen preparing dinner, give yourself to passion right on the kitchen table.

For quick sex, the best time of day is morning. The man at this time has a high level of testosterone in the blood and he is cialis generika sverige in excellent combat readiness.

After this kind of joy, like having quick sex, you will feel much better, there will be a spark in your eyes and a great charge of cheerfulness for the whole day.