Swedish intercourse education has time for games and mature debate

Luxury of eight-week program in Gnesta means any concern could be asked and answered and there’s chance that is ample revisit dilemmas

A small, unremarkable town just south of Stockholm, but things are warming up in one of the classrooms of the local school it’s a grey, chilly day in Gnesta.

Kaspar, 14, along with his classmates are immersed inside their studies of sex och samlevnad. He informs me he’s been researching intercourse and relationships in four hour-long classes a week for over four weeks.

“It’s constantly fun to master brand new stuff,” he claims breezily, tilting on their elbow. “It’s useful. For some it is difficult to speak about intercourse. Sex is pretty personal. In the event that you speak about it a great deal, it becomes easier.”

Sweden has a lengthy and established reputation for intercourse training. It is often compulsory in schools since 1956, and students only at Frejaskolan – a typical state college with 700 pupils plus one especially committed intercourse education instructor – come in the center of an exhaustive eight-week program.

Sex och samlevnad runs beyond intercourse to incorporate alcohol, psychological state and other topics covered in the united kingdom by PSHE (individual, social, health insurance and financial training).

Not totally all Swedish schools will invest quite so long on the niche while they do in Gnesta – some cope with it in four to five months – nevertheless the program is a superb deal more comprehensive than what exactly is on offer in most English schools, where intercourse training nevertheless not just a statutory requirement and it is frequently delivered in one single “drop-down time” at the conclusion of term.

Great britain birth price among 15- to 19-year-olds is 19.7 births per 1,000 females, whilst in Sweden the figure is 5.2 per 1,000.

Kaspar along with his classmates have previously had sex that is age-appropriate at main school where they learned all about snopp and snippa – children’s names with regards to their parts of the body.