Just enjoyed some of those at Sportsman’s Finest in Austin today! Had a mannlicher that is full about it in addition to lumber was great. They really have actually at the least two 550s in stock in 9.3×62

You shall maybe maybe perhaps not be sorry. We run a vx3I- 1.5-5 with a custom german No.1 reticle. Personally I think like I’m sliding through the Bushveldt every right time I chase whitetails along with it.

We mounted a scope that is 2-7x see just what it had been certainly effective at. All day with cheap PMC 147gr i’m no great rifle shot, and I could get 1MOA at 100yds. AMax 155gr produced just below 1″ at 100yds.

The rifle is extremely capable.

Ikr. My FAL that is parted-up with G-1 barrel shoots 2″ groups at 100yrds.

maybe Not just a scout fan. We don’t look after the long attention relief optic or bolt action. Used to do obtain a Springfield scout squad, eliminated the train, and place a standard hand guard. Then had it cerakoted in a good tiger strip cammo. Love the dimensions, plus some associated with most useful iron sight on the market. It’s more of the combat rifle now. I do believe it could fill the roll of the scout rifle if required without the range. 600 yards with iron sights is enough best for me personally. Now i recently need certainly to swap down that noisy a## muzzle brake for a good flash hider.

Nope provide me personally the Mossberg.

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I purchased a .308 MVP a few years ago and I’ve actually enjoyed it.