DP simply identified as having Aspergers – advice?. My DP is strictly exactly the same, he constantly needs to be right and there’s small space for manoeuvre

So my DP has been recently identified as having Aspergers that has brought me personally feelings that are mixed, however it’s assisted me accept there are genuine reasons behind a number of his hard behavior. Is anybody available to you in a situation that is similar has any advice about coping with some body with Aspergers?

Hi, i am an aspie too. We have no major advice really even as we’re as unique and every of you NT’s are.

I’m the aspie. Any kind of relevant concerns in particular? I’m able to respond to from my viewpoint and inquire my partner for their too if it will be helpful.

Hi thanks for the responses! Positively right that everybody is specific irrespective but we guess in my DPs case it really is with regards to being struggling to multitask or cope with several thing at the same time which could cause him stress that is awful leads to violence or moodiness. He struggles hugely socially in accordance with providing emotional help and has obsessive tendencies/can fixate on a pursuit or project to the level of maybe not noticing such a thing or someone else! We now have 4 young ones therefore it could be problematic!! For context we have been within our 40s and I also had been struggling to create feeling of a complete lot of their behavior so diagnosis has arrived as notably of a relief to us both

My DH is an Aspie and our son has ASD. It is often very hard to own a relationship with my hubby for reasons you provided. But in addition I adore their faculties too. I have discovered that since my DS had his diagnosis i will be alot more comprehension of my DH.