A good amount of Fish may be the Worst Dating Site, as well as other battles of an Opinionated lady Online

My hatred of a great amount of Fish (aka POF) is really so well-documented it couldn’t even be possible to link to a ll my previous rants about them. If you’re inquisitive, I’ve chatted while I think there are many things wrong with the site, the thing that really set me off about them was when I encountered a racist on their site and they did very little about it about them in my review of paid dating site upgrades and. The twitter thread describing that situation are obtainable here nevertheless the TL;DR of this is simply a guy saw my governmental viewpoints in my profile and began talking about Ebony individuals as “chimps” who “deserve to die” and saying my generation had been that which was incorrect because of the nation. We reported him numerous times, he just got a ban that is temporary as soon as he ended up being straight back I harassed POF on social networking until they completely eliminated him.