Exhausted by the herd, solitary Southern Koreans are gingerly adopting the “YOLO” lifestyle

All on my own

Relating to federal government statistics, single-person households are actually the principal variety of home in Korea, getting back together over 27% of households at the time of 2015, much like the degree in america, but a really dramatic modification for the nation where simply about ten years ago four-person households formed the biggest share.

The reason why echo those of other countries that are developed a lot more people are going to towns; the majority are delaying wedding, and much more women can be deciding to concentrate on their careers as opposed to get pregnant and interrupt their careers—a issue this is certainly especially acute in Korea. Females compensate nearly all single-person households in Korea, based on government statistics, and from now on fewer than half of women genuinely believe that wedding is crucial. In accordance with federal government information ( website website link in Korean), the sheer number of marriages dropped from 329,100 last year to 281,600 in 2016, the level that is lowest since 1974.

Some females make bold statements about delaying or marriage that is shunning by having “solitary weddings.” This can entail having a photograph shoot in a marriage gown alone, or hosting a genuine wedding ceremony—in component so as it is customary in Korea to give cash gifts to newly weds that they can recoup some of money they’ve spent attending weddings over the years. Lush, the cosmetics that are british, recently celebrated (link in Korean) certainly one of its male worker’s solitary weddings, providing him money gift ideas and wedding leave.

Yang Eun-joo, 32, took wedding pictures alone in March after she broke down her engagement year that is last. Her current boyfriend is divorced, and it has no intention to getting hitched once more, and she stated she actually is perhaps not contemplating wedding either. “this indicates I wanted to wear a dress… while I’m still young,” said Yang, who works at LG Electronics like I won’t be getting married in the future but. “My household still speaks if you ask me about wedding, but I do not have motives of having hitched.”