The cost for making use of the checks is ten dollars or 5 percent, whichever is greater. Interest levels from the advance currently cover anything from 24.99 to 26.99 % APR dependent on your credit score. To get hold of Wells Fargo, it is possible to phone 1-800-869-3557.

American Express

This business made its title providing charge cards – a card without any preset spending restriction that need one to spend the total amount in complete every month. While they’ve now expanded their offerings to incorporate credit that is standard, they don’t provide charge card convenience checks, based on their cardmember contract. They are doing, however, provide traveler’s checks, which is often bought and utilized like money – during the cash loan price.

Citi provides a multitude of cards, including supporting many shop credit cards. They just do not, however, currently provide convenience checks on the reports. They are doing, like United states Express, offer traveler’s checks rather.


The Discover card does provide convenience checks, and far like other banking institutions, the checks are viewed as payday loans no matter for purchases whether you use them. The Discover cardmember contract varies based on your creditworthiness; some body with exemplary credit will pay a 5 likely per cent cost per check, with an APR of 25.99 %. Cardholders can request checks by calling 1-800-DISCOVER.


Chase may deliver its members checks for balance transfers or payday loans; the price for payday loans happens to be 25.99 percent; stability transfers vary from 16.99 to 23.99 % APR if carried out by check. That transfer that is same additionally include a fee of 5 per cent; payday loans are 5 % with a $10 minimum. All prices differ with all the Prime that is current Rate may alter once you utilize a check. Cardholders can visit to request checks on the credit account.