Linux Mint 17 is a term that is long release which will be supported until 2019.

New features in Linux Mint 17 MATE

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It comes down with updated computer software and brings refinements and lots of new features to make your desktop experience much more comfortable to make use of.

Update Manager

The Update Manager ended up being hugely improved.

It shows more details, it l ks better, it feels faster, plus it gets less in your way. It not has to reload itself in r t mode when you click on it. It not checks for the web connection or waits for the network supervisor also it not any longer locks the APT cache at session startup.

The UI ended up being improved, the icons were modified a little as well as the changelog retrieval is now considerably faster and much more dependable.

A brand new “type” line was put into differentiate between old-fashioned updates, safety updates, backports and romeo updates.

Protection updates can now bypass safety amounts and two new choices had been added to help you determine when they should always be visible if they should be chosen.