will it be normal to feel sexual interest for somebody of my personal intercourse also I don’t start thinking about myself gay?

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Teen maternity was a large problem in Bogotá, Colombia for a very long time. Data reveal that in 2015, one out of five associated with the city’s girls under 19 had been moms, or expecting. The city’s mayor Enrique Peñalosa, like numerous mayors before him, wished to attempt to alter things.

This intended confronting the complex origins of teenager pregnancy poverty, training, sex physical physical violence, bad intercourse training, chronilogical age of wedding, and barriers to gain access to for birth prevention, amongst others. But Peñalosa, who had been reelected whilst the town’s mayor in 2015 after having a three 12 months stint into the 90s, additionally desired to make a move massive and available to everybody else, fast.

Out of this wish arrived Sexperto, an anonymous online platform that invites teens to inquire of medical experts about any such thing associated with intercourse whenever slim brunette nude you want. They are able to additionally utilize the platform to guide contraception appointments at a clinic that matches their medical insurance plan.