Mobile Phone Planned Outage. Some of the services that are following be away from action at this time:

The 2degrees App

We fully grasp this is a discomfort and apologise when it comes to disruption to solutions. We’ve got our A-team attempting to get every thing up and running.

The news that is good calling, texting, information and broadband are typical unaffected. Sorry for the trouble

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  • *Fair Use Policy is applicable. Standard NZ & Australian landline phone phone phone telephone calls.
  • $15 delivery fee pertains if getting a 2degrees modem and/or 2degrees Residence Phone.
  • Extra costs may connect with installations that are non-standard.
  • Standard fibre connection is as much as 100/20Mbps. Stated speeds derive from theoretical maximums, and speeds that are actual differ.
  • To obtain the most readily useful feasible performance with 2degrees Ultra-fast Fibre, we advice:
    • Utilizing a modem that is high-spec such as for instance a 2degrees Modem.
    • A high-spec laptop computer or Computer cabled straight into an Ethernet cable to your modem, and make certain all your valuable laptop computer or PC’s motorists are as much as date, and nothing else is operating on the web connection on top of that.
    • The version that is latest of the web web browser.
    • Accessing the world-wide-web over a connection that is wired.
  • Unlimited* NZ and Australia Landline Calling includes direct dial calls produced from your property phone to standard landlines in NZ and Australia (excludes chargeable calls, e.g.