The Mirror Has Two Faces types of man whom thinks he cannot function well if he is in love

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Barbra Streisand’s brand brand new movie “The Mirror Has Two Faces” approaches the main topic of wedding warily along with wit, like a George Bernard Shaw play; two articulate people talk circles around love for 2 acts before dropping exhausted prior to the imperative that is biological the 3rd. Streisand plays Rose, a teacher of literary works who may have pretty much offered through to her wedding leads, whenever she fulfills Gregory (Jeff Bridges), a guy she really likes. He actually likes her, too. The key term right here are “really likes,” that are not exactly like “really really loves.” Rose, 40ish into the film, is within the dumps because of the wedding of her cousin (Mimi Rogers) up to a handsome brand new spouse (Pierce Brosnan). Rose’s own dating circle appears become restricted to a nerd with an infectious grin (Austin Pendleton). Her cousin, in desperation, answers an ad that is lonely-hearts and Rose and Gregory find on their own away on a date together.

Gregory may be the type or sort of guy whom believes he cannot work well if he is in love. Within an awkward and unconvincing scene that is early he could be giving a talk on mathematical concept as he places their ex-wife within the market, falters, blathers, and flees through the phase. Desperate, he calls a phone intercourse line (for advice, maybe maybe perhaps not intercourse) and therefore results in their lonely-hearts advertising plus the big date that is first Rose, from which he exclaims “beautiful!” while he talks about the sound waves on an oscilloscope while going to a concert.