Lean or fat: does size matter during sex?

In terms of intercourse, we have all a concept.

Just about everyone has heard theories about various ways to spice your sex-life, food that gets you into the mood, and also pills that may enhance performance.

Yet, there clearly was one concept that’s been regularly unanimous with regards to intercourse; that size matters a whole lot. Especially when it comes to weight!

Can somebody’s weight enhance or reduce the pleasure in the sack? Some individuals have radical theories about sex and weight. Some claim they choose cuddly lovers though some swear by the “slender never gets exhausted” phrase.

But just just how real will be the theories? What exactly is a misconception and what exactly is reality when it comes to weight and sex?

Sex therapist Dr Marelise Swart and author Mofenyi Malepe weigh in about this debate. Swart begins by saying that the design of the partner is all a matter of choice.

“some individuals have fetish for overweight individuals, she says as they prefer to have something to hold on to, whereas some people are put off by excessive weight in the bedroom.

Malepe, having said that, says an individual’s fat would simply be an issue into the bed room if particular jobs are tough to do.